Friday, March 4, 2011

FFF - The Letter M

 M stands for Monster...Snow Monster to be exact. Pea and Jason were building snow people the other day, which included turning pea into a snowboy. He thought it was hilarious! That is...until the camera came out. He did NOT want his picture taken and started screaming like a crazy snow monster. I showed him the pictures yesterday and he thought he was pretty funny. Go figure. Oh, you can't really see it very well, but pea is also wearing his monster hat that we recently made together. Perfect for the occasion!

On another note, my little snow monster continues to add more friends to his imaginary friend club. He now has a girlfriend named Denny. Denny is apparently a really fast swimmer, as fast as Lightening McQueen. Pea explained that he and Denny swim together every night. They race in the pool and, alas, Denny always wins. Denny also lives with his other buddy, Me-me.

Today, pea told me about Mr. Grayman. Mr. Grayman is a mean guy who only comes out at night. Mr. Grayman comes into Pea's bedroom at night and sometimes sneaks into his bed. Mr. Grayman is also a fireman. Hmmm...could explain why he wanted me to rock him to sleep last night.

Lastly, pea's "brother" has made another appearance. So, he is up to 5 imaginary friends. I am going to start losing track soon! I don't know where this stuff comes from, but he is quite creative and imaginative. It's fascinating.

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