Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Waiting is hard!! But, that's what we have to do...wait...and wait...and wait...

Luckily, we have been very busy the last few weeks and that does help, a little. So, here are some brief updates from the past couple of weeks.

President Berger issued a statement indicating he supported the grandfather clause, but it was vague and noncommittal. Even so, our agency and many other involved parties feel confident that it will be approved by the Guatemalan congress. Congress is set to vote sometime after the presidential election (11/4). At this point, it is unclear how "in process" cases will be defined and how the grandfather clause will be implemented. US congressman are currently being asked to sign letters to President Berger, UNICEF headquarters in NYC, and UNICEF headquarters in Guatemala urging support for the grandfather clause. The deadline for congressman to sign these letters is tomorrow. I will be calling ours today to see if they have signed or plan to sign. All of this uncertainty has obviously been stressful and we are emotionally drained right now! But, Eli will come home. We don't know when, but he will come home.

A couple of weeks ago, I called PGN and found out that we are with the second reviewer. There are 3 levels of review in PGN and the second review seems to take the longest. The woman I spoke with told me to call back in 2 weeks for an update so that is what I will be doing in a couple of days. Hopefully, it will be good news!

We spoke with Eli's foster mom last week! One of the teachers in Jason's carpool just happens to be the Spanish teacher at the high school. How awesome is that?!?! His foster mom informed us that he is now sitting up and ready to start cereal. Before we went on our visit trip in August, we tape recorded ourselves reading stories and then left the tapes/recorder with the foster mom. She said that Eli smiles whenever she plays the tapes. Isn't that sweet of her to tell us that? Regardless of whether or not it is true!

And, we are finally feeling ready to tackle the nursery. We are quickly realizing that we have a lot to do to get ready for Our Little Pea!


  1. Have fun getting Eli's room ready! Can't wait to hear your PGN update. I'm crossing our fingers for both of us.....we're going to set a new Carlos record:)

  2. baby steps....sounds like things are moving a little which is always good!!

    We, too did the tape recorder and it helped tremendously. Our babies always knew us our visit trips!

    Have fun with the nursery and let us know what PGN says!!

  3. What are your ideas for the nursery?