Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Bookworm

Eli LOVES books. In fact, we could venture to say it is a bit of an obsession for him. His second word (after mama!) was book and he just can't get enough books. We could pull down every book on his bookshelf and he still would not be satisfied! We went to the library the other day so Jason could pick something up and I thought Eli was going to just explode with excitement! He immediately found the plastic bin of board books, grabbed three, and then proceeded to run up and down the book aisles saying "book, book, book, book, book, book." It was very funny and cute, but we had to find some major distraction to put the books back in order to prevent a meltdown. Good thing daddy's wallet has fun velcro! His other favorite things? Throwing himself on Porter's dog bed and pushing his lawnmower around the house.

This is how Jason found Eli when the house got quiet. Yep, it is never good when it gets quiet at our house! Eli parked himself on Porter's bed with his lawnmower and starting pulling books off the shelf! He was very proud of himself! is GOOD!! Hmmm...I just noticed he only has one shoe on! Ha!!


  1. Too Cute!!!!

    And, the one shoe on and one shoe off thing is too funny, thats how Tyler is 90% of the time:)

    I LOVE his smile, he is soooo happy in the middle of all of those books!

    Mark, Angie and Tyler:)

  2. Books are a good thing! What a cutie ;)

  3. Books are the best thing ever. It is great that he loves them so much. Eli is sooooo cute. Can't wait to see more photos.

  4. I love that the lawnmower is with him!!

    He says Mama??? YEAH!!!

    Reese loves books too, and is finally content sitting and listeing to them for quite some time.

  5. That is so adorable. Emmi loves to be read to. It is our nightly ritual and I hope it continues as she gets older!

  6. Nothing like reading a good book next to your lawnmower !!!!!!!!!! Ha ha . Courtney

  7. Jazzy loves books also.. He seems to be so happy.. Yeah

  8. Eli is such a cute, cute little boy! I love to see all your posts and he truly looks so happy with mom and dad at home. I bet you are lovin' it! Hope your summer is going well (it looks like it is)!


  9. Okay - did you steal my "bad blogger" crown?? Where are you and where's that cutie-pa-tootie?

    I need me an update! Miss you and hope all is well.