Sunday, March 22, 2009

Then and Now...and a request

Here is another "this time last year" post! Last year at this time we were celebrating my birthday in Antigua during Semana Santa. It was AMAZING!! It was our 3rd visit trip and we were so incredibly lucky to be spending several days in Antigua during this time. Most hotels in Antigua are booked up to a year in advance for this celebration. Our dear friend, Kimberly, was living in Antigua fostering her son and she so generously offered to let us stay with her. At that time, we had never even met one another other than through blogging. This is, yet another, one of those very special connections we made through our journey. Kimberly was such a wonderful hostess and helped us celebrate my birthday, Eli's 1st birthday (we celebrated a couple weeks early), and gave us the opportunity to experience Semana Santa.

Here we are in Antigua on my birthday last year.

Me and my Pea at home on my birthday this year.

We not only connected with Kimberly that week, but also Brittney, Danny, and Kinsey. At that time, they had only been in PGN for about 3 weeks. Well, it is over ONE YEAR later and they are still waiting for their daughter to come home. They have endured so much and their hearts are very heavy right now. Please take a moment to stop by their blog (click on their names above) with some words of support and encouragement. We all know how much that means.

Dinner with Daniel, Brittney, and Kinsey in March 2008


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Steph!

  2. Happy B-day Steph! THanks so much for still thinking and praying for our family. There will be a day very soon that we all can meet up again and have dinner and get a picture just like that one last year, except we will be in the big ol' USA!!!!! Can't wait til the day we can do that!!!!!

  3. Wow how things can change in a year! I can't believe how much more grown up Eli looks!

  4. Happy Birthday! Last year was a lot of fun. I KNOW that this is year is so much better, but now that we have our children forever, doesn't it make last year seem a little better than it was? Antigua is awesome and I'm so glad we got to know each other!!!

  5. Wow!! Eli has grown so much!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday a little late!! I am sure your day was very special this year with having the Little Pea home!