Monday, February 28, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday - First Smiles

What could be more perfect than a sweet baby's first smiles? Carrot graced us with his first smiles recently and it is so wonderful to see his little eyes and face light up. He has even started to squeal! We stopped everything we were doing to soak in these precious first moments. Such a joy!

I just had to include this adorable tongue shot!! So cute!

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  1. What a beeYOUteeful smile!!! I, too would stop and spend the hours watching that cutie-pie grin!

    I missed your previous, post - but man! I love that shot of sulky/angry Pea! He and Austin could out-sulk each other!! That's awesome!

  2. That truly is a traffic-stopping smile! I'm so glad you captured it and shared it with us. Handsome man!

  3. I am here from the Perfect Moment Monday links on Lori's blog. I shared one for the first time today and am really enjoying following the blog trail now...

    Thank you for sharing your son's adorable first smiles Steph! Priceless... What a sweetheart!

  4. I could just eat him up!! So glad you are getting to share in each and everyone of his "firsts" and are soaking up those moments!! As we know, it goes all too fast!!