Monday, July 23, 2007

Dad's Side of the Story

I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but have been unable to do so for numerous reasons. I thought it important to post so that one gains understanding from both parents. It is my hope that I am able to post on a regular basis; however, with being a "soon-to be-dad" I find myself physically, emotionally, and mentally scattered much of the time. With that being said here is "Dad Side of the Story."
Ever since I was a young boy, say around 10-12 years of age, I envisioned myself and my future wife adopting a child. I also envisioned that child being of a different race than myself. Pretty intuitive for being so young, if I do say so myself.
Growing-up, I would hear stories from my family or on the news about children you were abandoned or alone due to some tragedy or circumstance outside the control of their parent(s), and it would simply break my heart thinking about them living in orphanages and foster homes. It broke my heart they may never be afforded what I was afforded, mostly having a family. I felt helpless as 10-12 year old to do anything for these children. Yet, I knew when I got older I would have the ability to make a difference in at least one child's life by adopting him or her.
Adopting is something I've wanted to do most of my life. Therefore, I find it only fitting that Steph and I were led down this path. This has been in me since I was 10 years old. Now as an adult, I finally get to fulfill that vision; I finally get to make a difference in a child's life . . . my son's life, through adoption. I find Steph and myself completely and utterly blessed. Thank you, Eli!!!

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  1. Jason-You will be an awesome father. My three children are testimony to that! I am so glad it worked out for you to watch them this summer. They adore you! Eli is so blessed! His mommy is pretty awesome, too!!!