Monday, July 9, 2007

Moving right along

We just found out we were submitted to Family Court on July 4th! Woohoo!! A social worker will be assigned to our case and is required to interview Eli's birth mother to confirm that she is making an informed and voluntary decision. The social worker also interviews the foster mother and visits the foster home before writing a report recommending (or not!) that the adoption proceed. Finally, the Family Court judge reviews the report and signs off on our case. This process generally takes 6-12 weeks. Many families have been waiting the full 12 weeks so we do not expect to be freed until the end of September.

Right now we are focused on getting ready for our trip! We are brushing up on our espaƱol and losing a lot of sleep due to our excitement. I guess we are in training for all the sleepless nights to come!

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