Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Eli!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, sweet boy!! Mommy & daddy send you lots of hugs and kisses on your special day!! Remember what we wished for when we blew your candle out??? Well, our wish CAME TRUE!!!!!! We will all be together very soon and we have lots of fun stuff planned for the summer! We love you, Eli!!

Mommy & Daddy

Here are some pics from Eli's birthday party in Antigua!
Playing with his buddies
Dora cake and Elmo doesn't get any better than that!! (okay, the other b-day cake option was Garfield!)
Notice the foot? Yes, he stuck it right in the cake!!!

yummy birthday cake
Any birthday wishes for Eli?


  1. By the way, they make Diego cakes here in the states! You can have one next year!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Eli!!! So glad your birthday wish came true. You are so lucky to have a momma and daddy that love you so much. They are counting the days until you are in their arms forever. And, just so you know the hugs and kisses will NEVER stop! Hope you have a wonderful day and we hope all of your wishes always come true!!
    Evan, Aidan, Abby, and Isabelle...oh and Jeremy and Sandy too;0)

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy! I don't think you could have wished for anything better and you must have gotten that candle out on the first try because your fantastic wish is coming true! What a happy day! Wishing you blessings beyond measure!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!! We wish for you a happy and fun day today!! We wish for you happiness and peace and a wonderful reunion with your mommy and daddy!! We can't wait to meet you!! Until then-lots of hugs and kisses from you Uncle, Aunt, and three excited cousins!!!!

  5. Eli,

    Happy birthday, big boy!! I hope that your day is special. Your Mommy and Daddy will be there to celebrate real soon.

    Your birthday wish came true.

    Lots of Love on your special day.

    PS Steph, I can't get through your posts these days without needing tissues!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Eli! You will be home so soon!

  7. Happy 1st Birthday ELI!!!!!! You looked like you had so much fun with mom and dad at your celebration! Pretty soon you will get to party with them daily!!! :) Get ready!!! They are coming soon!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!! You have the best b-day ever and you'll be home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy first birthday, Eli!!! Your mommy and daddy are so excited to get you home soon! I hope for this year to bring you a quick homecoming and an amazing year with your family!

  10. Happy Birthday, Eli! Such cute pictures!

  11. Happy Birthday, Eli! Such cute pictures!