Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girl's Night Out

My older sister turned 40 this month so we decided to have a girl's night out to celebrate this monumental event. ;) We spent the afternoon shopping 'till we dropped and then had a great dinner in which none of us had to feed anyone and our meals were hot! We had a fantastic time and...why don't we do this more often???

The NEW 40!! Isn't she fabulous?!?!


  1. Your little man is adorable! Happy Birthday to your sister! I actually found your blog via someone else's. I am in Ohio too. We have a little girl from Guatemala as well. What part of Ohio are you in?

  2. How fun! Your sister does not look like she is 40! Love the tiara.

  3. Wow- your sister does not look a DAY over 29!! She is just beautiful!! She seems so fun and full of life! How lucky to have a sister like that--you are so blessed.

    Oh wait...I forgot I was talking about myself! Hee Hee. Thanks to Heidi who said I did not look 40!! How sweet!! Thanks Stephanie and friends for a wonderful birthday celebration-love to you all!!

  4. And you didn't invite me because.....??? Just kidding!

    But now it's my turn to drool for a fun night out!

    Your sis is rockin' hot for 40! Happy Birthday!

  5. WOW!! She looks like you.

    What, hot meal?? No kids?? SOunds like the perfect night.

    Glad you had fun!!

  6. Looks like fun! Happy Birthday to your sister!