Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Independence Day

Monday was Independence Day in Guatemala and many other Central American countries. Guatemala obtained indepedence from Spain in 1821. We celebrated Sunday night with a small Guatemalan feast of Chapin style chicken and rice and Guatemala corn cake. Yummy!

While we were celebrating inside, the winds were wreaking havoc outside. We had wind gusts of 60mph. Unfortunately, one of our trees just could not withstand the winds. This is right behind our house. This tree branch fell right on top of our fence in, what I call, the "poop pit." This is Porter's designated, fenced-in area and no one goes in there except Porter and Jason. :) Even though we will have to replace part of our fence, I am so relieved the tree did not fall the other way onto our deck, garage, and house.

View from our deck.

Side view from the yard.
Of course, I have to include a Little Pea shot. He is ready for the cold weather!


  1. I love the pic of Eli in his hat and boots. You are in for a treat this year little guy!!

    OUCH on the tree.....at least you won't have to go into the pit to clean it up:>)

    Great way to celebrate independence day. I might do that theme next year. THanks for the idea

    I told Beth I was going to get her username and password and start doing updates--she said OK!!

  2. I just came across your blog...I was looking at the pix of you trees and thought "that looks like Ohio". Then I saw your Go Tribe link. WE are also in Ohio (Cleveland area). Drop me a line if you are near there...always looking for other APs to have playdates with. www.aamayna.blogspot.com