Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Chatterbox

This boy can talk! Of course, we don't understand much of what he says, but he makes a grand effort! He just talks and talks and talks and it often involves lots of interesting and hilarious hand motions. I just know that one of these days he is going to start talking in full sentences and won't stop! At this point, Eli is saying well over 25-30 words and knows about 5 or 6 signs that he uses regularly. The other day I was trying to write down all of the words he says when I heard him come into the room saying "B, B, B, B." My first thought was "Awwww, he can say the letter 'B.'" Well, Eli walked up to where I was sitting and placed a dead bee on the end table! I couldn't believe it! We had only looked at bees in a book at that point. He was very proud of himself! So, "bee" was the next word I added to the list.

Here is a little video of our "B" experience. Unfortunately, I discovered after filming that the videotape was bad so the sound is messy. But, you get the point!


  1. Aww - I love those moments of realizng that you're baby isn't just babbling, but actually communicating with you!! Isn't that so sweet!

    He sure did have himself a "bee!" Although I kept waitng for the camera to swing around so we could see HIM! ;-( I want more Eli!

  2. How sweet! What a little smarty pants.