Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

Despite being sick, little pea had a very busy weekend!

The weekend started off with some very important phonecalls on the latest new phone. You know you want one! The conversation goes a little like this: "Hi! jiberjaberjiberjaber...mama and (our dog)...jiberjaber...okay, byebye."

Next, pea ventured outside to see all of the "no." (snow)

Here he is testing the cold factor and depth.

Official taste tester.

Next, he ventured inside for a big 'o temper tantrum. This is after our trip to the store where he launched his sippy cup about 20 feet because I took away the bag of frozen peas so the cashier could ring them up. Bad mama! ;)

On Sunday, little pea needed to do a little more shopping.
And, most importantly, he let us know that Tyrone wanted to "eat."

All this in one weekend! Can you believe it? ;)


  1. What a busy little boy. I am so glad to hear that Reese isn't the only one trying out for Major League baseball. The kid could be a pitcher!! YIKES for those in his path when he throws something. What a great age, huh??

    His imagination is great. WHere do you find those phones???

  2. Quite the weekend! A 20 foot launch, wow! Hopefully he didn't whack someone in the head, now that would have been funny! Later on, of course.

  3. Wow, Eli is not only busy, but very creative too! I loved seeing all the pics of him and how he spends his time!!

  4. Izzy has the same melt down at the store...only it's bananas we're paying for! I think she thinks the cashier is going to eat them;0) Hee hee! Looks like a very busy weekend!

  5. Love the busy life of a toddler! Isn't it a hoot to watch him go from one thing to the next, one mood to the next, etc? This age is so much fun--enjoy it--because it gets wilder as the years go on!

  6. Sounds like our weekend...minus the snow.