Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dada's boy

Eli and his "dada" having been spending a lot of 1:1 time together lately. Not only did they get to stay home together for two weeks during the holidays, but they were also home today due to the FREEZING temps and will be home tomorrow. Of course, mama had to drag her tookus out of bed and go to work while these two stayed at home. now, everything is about dada! It's very sweet, especially if Eli cries out at night for dada and Jason feels obligated to be the one to get up. Sucker. Heehee! No really, these are the days we longed for...

Their time hasn't all been about fun and games. Pea helped his dada out with the laundry today.

Let me tell you, we were so happy and relieved to see a smile today. Wow. The last couple of days have been a bit rocky. Eli has hardly been eating and just a tad cranky. We figured he was still getting over the icky sickies. Well, as I put him in the bath last night he just started SCREAMING and refused to sit in the water. No, no...the water wasn't hot. It was so weird because he loves to take a bath! But, he screamed all through his bath refusing to sit down. He finally calmed down and then went to sleep with no problem (phew). Well, this morning he pretty much woke up screaming and crying and we just could not figure out what was wrong. I left for work, feeling like I had the better end of the deal today, as Jason was giving pea some Motrin as a last desparate measure. Jason called about 20 minutes later to report that our sweet boy was back. Just like that. After further investigation, Jason also discovered that those darn 2 year molars are swelling up again. They still have NOT popped through! Man, these molars are rough! So, we are creating a shrine in honor of Children's Motrin. May it always be close. ;)


  1. Ahhh the 2 year molars are fun!!!!!!! I am so sorry that they are not popping out! I hope Pea gets to feeling more like himself and those suckers come through woith no further problems

  2. Gotta love the molars. They take forever to come through. I am glad he is no longer sick though!

    Shiloh has that same word book that's in the pictures.

  3. Yeah, definately NOT fun! Kate's finally came through and it was ROUGH. Add an ear infection to the mix and it was anything but fun in our house the past week! YIKES! Hope they come through SOON! God bless Motrin!

  4. Looks like little pea is staying warm......

  5. eeeks - sorry for the molars pain and trobule, little bud! Glad things are better!

    Yay for Daddy and Eli time - especially the night time!)

    And is Eli a Backyardigans fan? We JUST discovered them in the last two weeks - and my, oh my - are we addicted!

    Getting excited about your upcoming trip? I hope we're flyin' with as good a pilot as US Airways had! And that all the birds are staying ground put for our takeoff!