Saturday, February 21, 2009

More weekend fun

I am still reeling from all of the fun we had this past weekend in Maine. It was so special to finally meet Beth, Bobbi, & Donna and their families. I felt so connected to them even before we met and now even more so! Some may find it very strange that we would hop on a plane to visit and stay with people we have never met in person. Well, I suppose it was a risk! But, we all clicked instantly, just as I knew we would. When I saw Beth waiting for us at the airport, it was like she was an old friend I just hadn't seen in awhile. It felt so normal!

Eli had a great time, too, even though I think he was a little overwhelmed by all of the excitement! He not only met some new friends for the first time, he also had his first sled ride and his first trip to the ocean!

Here is a short video clip of Jason and Eli sledding down Beth's backyard.

And, here are a few pics of his first visit to the ocean. Granted, we were not basking in the sun and digging our toes in the sand, but it was still amazingly beautiful! THANK YOU Beth, Keith, Sam, and Lucy for a wonderful visit!


  1. You didn't get when they went over the hill!!

    Oh, that video made me want you to come back!!

    We miss you!!!

  2. Steph - you're putting me to shame! I need to go post! lol!

    As for the "warm" beach with warm water...yeah-ya baby, that's VIRGINIA BEACH!!! Come on!! ;-)

    Those pics are SO beautiful. I can't believe we had to leave! But I am SO glad we got to spend at least 1 day with all of you! As Gary says...."Wow - we're all the same!"

    Okay, I'm really off to blog this time!

  3. I don't think it's crazy at all to hop on a plane to meet people that you really don't know at all, but at the same time, already know. Before adoption, though, I would have said you were NUTS! I'd do it in a heartbeat--what an amazing blessing to be able to meet such a great group in person. I follow all of your blogs and consider you all friends, too!

  4. I'm glad you had such a fun trip!

  5. Thanks for posting more pictures from your trip. Just seeing them has me smiling from ear to ear. So happy you all got to hang out.

  6. Not crazy at all that you hopped on a plane to meet some friends! Fun! Looks like you guys had a great time. It looks beautiful!

  7. I week or so ago, someone close to me said that blogging was a cult. I just laughed to myself. Blogging can be such a great support system and a great way to share experiences with those that share something in common with you. That's how we met and I'm so happy about that! So, keep jumping on planes...ok, well don't get carried away!

    I'm glad you guys had a great time! Also, glad that Jason didn't dump Eli on his face like some other parent I know!!! :)

  8. Wow, what fun! Great video, Steph.

  9. It looks like you had so much fun!! I love the kissing pic! Too cute!! Adoption blogging friends are the best!!