Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pea Faces

Pea has been learning about feelings this week at school (and he certainly expresses a lot of them!) so he had fun showing me all of his "faces." He took a break from building his firehouse and firetrucks for this game.

Happy sweet!

Awwww...the sad face.

Mad face...he was trying really hard not to laugh so this is not really a true reflection of his mad face. Actually, his mad face is a full body experience.

Excited! This is the silly kind of excited.

He called this is "ferocious" face. I love the half chewed candy corn in his mouth!

His "empty" face. Not sure what to think about that description. Are they talking about empty feelings at preschool?!?!

Sleepy face.

And...the SILLY face. Fire hat, blinking glasses, and...dare I admit to this...a fart sound toy. Ahhh...the joys of being a boy.


  1. Oh is he ever a cutie pie! He will be a heartbreaker!

  2. That last one was just too precious!!

    Reese has recently discovered the joys of bodily functions. OHHHHHHHHHH, does he think that is funny!!

    How did he get to look so old!??!