Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I learned last month

One of my favorite new blogs is Strocel. Every month she posts what she has learned over the month and I love that idea! Sometimes it feels like life is just flying by at lighting speed so I love this idea of reflecting back on what has really mattered over the last month. So, here it goes...

Over the past month I have learned...
  • My husband is incredibly handy! He has worked so hard on our house and I am amazed at how much he can do! I remember back when we were buying our first house and he was so nervous about being able to take care of things. Well, he is awesome!

  • I have also discovered that my hubby does so much more for our family than what I often give him credit. That is very humbling for me.

  • Over the past month, I have really grown to loathe dinner time. Mind you, I love to cook so it is not that. It is the end of the day transition...everyone (eh hem...Pea) is tired, grumpy, and hungry. Predinner time is also known as the witching hour in our house when the little monster emerges. Once dinner is on the table, then I hear "I don't like that. I want something else." Now, pea eats about ANYTHING. I believe this is more about a 3 year old trying to assert some control! It's just a phase, right?!

  • Unfortunately, I have discovered that stress has wreaked havoc on my teeth. During pea's adoption process, I started experiencing a lot of jaw and tooth pain. Come to discover I had started grinding my teeth at night. Now I wear a bite splint every night and it makes a huge difference. But, the damage had already been done and my tooth is now cracked. It's a crown for me. Sheez.

  • I am constantly amazed at pea's memory. He has this ability to randomly pull out memories of things that happened ONE TIME months and months ago. I have no idea how he does this when I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday. He only needs to see or hear something once and he will remember. Sometimes they are not things I want him to remember...for example, today he mentioned the time I hit a mailbox when we were parking at a garage sale. This happened MONTHS ago! I nicked a mailbox with my mirror and all I said was "OOPS! I hit that mailbox." We never talked about it again until this morning. How does he remember this stuff?!

  • Over the past month, I have been reminded that I work with some pretty amazing people who are some of my best friends.

  • My dad received a prestigious distinguished alumni award last month from his Alma mater and I was so proud. I learned all over again that my dad is amazing. I love you, dad!

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  1. Colour me incredibly flattered, to stop by your blog and find THIS. :)

    Kid's memories really are something. I remember my daughter at one point telling me that this giraffe pull-toy we had hung on her closet door. And it HAD hung there - until she was like 10 months old. At the time that she told me this she was 2. Freaky!

    And yet, she can't seem to wash her hands, even after I ask her 15 times. There's some definite selectivity involved.