Thursday, September 13, 2007


We received a wonderful update today: We have approval from Family Court as of 9/6. Yea!! We are so happy and relieved. We are officially ready to enter the final review phase: PGN. Many adopting parents claim that PGN is the hardest phase because there is no predictable timeline. PGN goes by many names that I probably could be censored for writing :), but it is most respectfully compared to the Attorney General's office. Once we are submitted to PGN, our file is randomly assigned to a reviewer who is responsible for making sure our file meets all of the requirements of Guatemalan Law. Seems pretty simple and straighforward, eh? Well, you would think so, all depends on who reviews the file and how he/she interprets the law. Some families have been approved by PGN within 5 days while other families are stuck in PGN for months with no end in sight. The "average" timeline (and I use average very loosely) is 8-12 weeks. We hope to be submitted very soon. We are trying to stay very positive and send good "APPROVAL" vibes to the PGN gods and goddesses. The wait is getting very difficult and we miss our little pea terribly!! WE WANT HIM HOME!!!


  1. Great news....look forward to hearing you're in PGN soon! :-)

  2. Great news Steph! Hope you're in and out in no time!!

  3. Yea!! Hope you are in and OUT of PGN very soon! I'll say a prayer for you's about time some of Carlos' kids have a quick stay:)