Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where to begin??? HELP!!

So, I guess we need to register for our baby shower soon, at least that's what everyone is telling us. You would think I would be excited about this, but today it feels like a daunting task. Adoption is hard and, right now, it is very hard. Registering for gifts just feels so trivial when I am just aching for Eli to come home. Now, don't get me wrong, I certainly like to do my share of shopping and I have quickly discovered the fun of shopping for a child, my child. Just right now, all I care about is him coming home. The rest is just stuff.

Even so, I realize we do need at least a few things. :) With this in mind, we need some help with this baby registry thing. Where is the best place to register (online and physical store)? Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of options in our area. At least we don't have many options that we like. So, please, please give us some suggestions of fun baby stores, at least do it for Eli's sake! Otherwise, he may come home to a cardboard box for a crib. Ha! Actually, we have the crib part taken care of thanks to Jason's sister, but that is about it. So, please give us suggestions!!


  1. Come down to Columbus and I'll take you to Babies-r-Us for the grand tour!

  2. I registered at Babies-r-us, but people can also buy a lot of the same stuff at Toys-r-us and are able to look at your registry there, too, I think. I thought about registering at Target, as well. You can register on-line for both, although it's fun to walk around the store, shooting all kinds of stuff with the scanner! Happy shopping!

  3. Also, I was luckily advised that the Diaper Champ is the way to go (rather than the Diaper Genie), because you don't have buy special bags for it - you can just use regular garbage bags. We dig it.

  4. Boy- do I know how you feel about the shower-- this process is a million times tougher than I'd ever imagined! I registered at Babier R Us and Target. I figured that was simple and has everything. Have fun! :-)

  5. I can totally relate Steph.

    I have no advice on registry stuff because I kind of went through that stuff in a cloud focused on Jadon too. We registered at Babies r Us and Target, but it sounds like you don't have those.

    I am really glad that we got an excersaucer and a door jumper. He loves them.

    You'll have that baby to go with all that stuff soon! Enjoy what you can, every step is a step closer to sweet Eli!

  6. Steph,
    I simply LOVE Baby Depot in Columbus. It is in Burlington Coat Factory... Such cute things....Vikki