Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun

Enough politics for right now. I am tired of it! Moving onto something fun: REGISTERING!!!

Yes, we are finally ready to register and move forward and envision our lives with Eli HOME. With all of the uncertainties over the past couple of months, we have been emotionally drained, anxious, and overwhelmed. Some days simply felt unbearable and there was no energy left to think about gifts, paint color, or diaper genies. But, the cloud has been slowly lifting over the past couple of weeks. It is time for a shift. We are moving forward with faith that Our Little Pea is coming home soon and we need to get ready! I finally got around to putting my monster to-do list on paper, so it's official. There is no going back when it's written on paper! Plus, there is great satisfaction in crossing items off the list!

So back to the have 3 days to tell us the "MUST HAVE" baby items! Share with us your favorite, can't live without, baby item! Come on, the clock is ticking until we enter the vast world of Babies 'R' Us!!


  1. Great topic! I'll be back to see what everyone writes as "must-haves".

  2. Steph, Glad you've reached that stage where you KNOW Eli is coming home!!! Must-haves...hmmm...a great baby carrier. I have a Baby Bjorn and a Maya wrap....LOVE them! You would think with 3 kiddos I could come up with a longer list, huh?

  3. So happy for all of you that it looks like you will get your babies home without further delays!

    Registering. So great!! Couldn't live without? HMMM I think that you need a jumperoo. My friend gave me one for Reese and he loved it. He spent hours in it.

    Enjoy your happy day! You deserve it!