Wednesday, November 14, 2007


EDIT: The number is up to EIGHT!!! All of the families we went to Antigua with back in August are OUT! CONGRATS!!! As my friend, Beth's husband said, this means 8 less files on someone's desk!! There's more room for the rest of us now!

Seven, yes you heard me right, SEVEN families from our agency were approved by PGN today. WOW!!! That is incredible!! The PGN floodgates are open so.....LET US BACK IN!!!! We gotta get in to get back OUT!

Please, please....I want to go home!


  1. Yes- I am SO waiting to hear that you are back IN! It's great to see the floodgates open like this, too! :-) BTW...LOVE that pic of sweet.


  2. Oh Steph.. That picture is the greatest.. Blow it up...too precious...

  3. What a sweet picture. Praying you get out SOON.

  4. Steph, I was thinking about you and Jason yesterday as others were sharing their good news. Praying for Eli and that you are back in PGN very soon. Any indication from FTIA how long it may take to get the BC fixed? Hard to believe you'll be holding him again very soon! Hang in there!