Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Buddies?

We now have both of our babies at home together! Porter came home on Thursday evening and the first meeting went very well. Eli was initially not sure what to think, but he certainly did not seem scared of our big furry baby. It only took a few minutes before Eli was following Porter around the house. Porter, on the other hand, has been a little jealous that he is no longer the center of attention! He has to be in the center of everything. Even so, he has been very gentle and patient with Eli, just as we expected. I am sure these two will be best buds in no time!
Overall, being home is so wonderful and surreal! We are slowly settling in and adjusting to life as a family. So far, Eli is doing wonderfully. The only minor issue we are having so far is he will not sleep in his crib for longer than an hour. Given all of the changes this little boy has been through, this is of very little concern! The other issue is he is used to taking naps in his stroller so any suggestions are welcome!
Here are some more pics of our first days at home.


  1. Oh those are great pictures!!!

    Jadon loves our dog, and he is so cute with her. I am sure Eli will be inseparable with Porter soon.

    I don't know about the stroller sleeping. When I look back on things, I wish we would have put more of an emphasis on keeping as much stuff consistent as possible when we brought Jadon home. One thing I've learned is that everything changes every 6 weeks, even his habits. He was grieving more than we thought when he came home. In a couple months Eli may transition into sleeping in his crib and not napping in the stroller a lot easier than he will now. So I guess my only advice is not to rush it.

    I am SO glad you've gotten home before the new problems with PGN!

    Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. Awww - he looks so cute with his brother!

    A and L were used to napping in a stroller,too (the bumpier the ride, the better). We walked them in a stroller around the block or in the house. We did naps in the car, too. Then, it just sort of all gradualy faded away.

    Msaybe other's have some better advice. ;-)

  3. I'm so happy for you all! What an amazing experience for all three of you. Jackson just loves Champ, so I'm sure as long as Porter is good with him, they will enjoy each other so much!

    As for the sleeping, I have 2 suggestions. One is if he takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps at night, have him sleep only one nap in his crib each day. The rest of the time let him sleep in a stroller or bed etc. If you're consistent, he'll soon figure out that this is where he needs to nap during the day. Then you can increase to 2 naps and finally 2 naps and bedtime. But, take it slow he's been through a lot of change lately, and I know you are sensitive to that. The other suggestions is to take him for a walk in his stroller or in the car etc., and once he is asleep, put him in his crib. So, while he'll fall asleep with his usual comfort, he can learn to sleep in his new crib.

    Just a few suggestions. I don't know if either will work and I wish you luck. Sleep is the hardest part of motherhood in my opinion. Welcome to true Mommyhood...


  4. LOVE the pictures with Eli and Porter. Glad to hear they both are adjusting to one another. I'm sure they will be fast friends.

  5. Love the pics of Eli and Porter. As for naps - we have an air filter running in Ella's room - she loves the "white noise" and it helps to drown out other noises.

    What I would do if I were you is to make a pallet on his bedroom floor and camp out with him a few nights/naps.

    Peace and Hugs,

  6. Love all the pics of him at HOME!!!!!

    Glad you are all settling in well. Eli, great job hazing Mom and Dad into parenthood. Trouble with the crib/sleep. AHHHHHH welcome to parenthood!! If there is any bigger challenge than sleep I have not found it yet.

    With Reese we sat in his room in a chair and reassured him he was ok. Yes, there were tears, but he did get it after a few days/nights. Now we pat his back for a few minutes if he wakes up and sit there still. It works quite well for him. Good luck.

    So happy to see you all at home.

  7. I just wanted to say welcome home! I don't really have any suggestions for the stroller naps or the sleeping but have you tried any music or maybe a white noise type cd?

  8. Yea, I am glad your baby boy is home! ;)
    Carson loved to nap in his stroller at night. Some nights I would do whatever I could to help him fall asleep.

  9. Great pics! I'm glad you guys are settling in. I hope the sleeping thing works itself out...I'm sure it will!

    Thanks for the stuff you left for Aeson. The snuggly PJs are my favorite. He is so comfy in them I don't even want to lay him down to sleep...I want to keep holding him!!!

  10. Eli looks like he is having a blast being home. I hope you all are doing well with the adjustment. You may need roller skates to keep up with him......