Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two weeks already!

Eli has been home for 2 weeks and it has been such an adventure! On one hand, I can't believe it has only been two weeks because it seems like he has been here much longer. On the other hand, I can't believe it has already been two weeks! I still have moments of shock and disbelief that he is actually home. Moments that take my breath away and random moments of spontaneous tears of gratefulness and relief. It is quite a ride!! A wonderful, amazing, challenging ride.

Eli definitely keeps us on our toes! He is such an active boy. Seriously, he does not stop moving...ever! He has been walking for a little over a month now and he is ready to run. Needless to say, we have already had many tumbles. Most times, Eli is not phased by these falls and we quickly learned to watch his reaction first before we react! Even so, he has already had his share of bumps, scrapes, and bruises in his first 2 weeks home! The worst was when he fell, scraped his chin, and bit his tongue. Good grief! I see many trips to the ER in our future with this boy. Despite the tumbles, he gets right back up and goes at it again.

We were just starting to settle into a good daily nap/bedtime schedule when Eli fell sick and messed everything up! ;) It started with a high temperature for about 3 or 4 days. He did not show any other signs of illness, but we took him to the doctor yesterday to get checked out. The doctor suspected it was a teething issue since his gums were swollen and he did not have any other symptoms of illness. His fever finally went down yesterday, but he woke up this morning with a rash on his neck and all over his chest and stomach! Then the diarrhea started. Oh my. He had a major blowout during breakfast! It was all the way up to his neck, on his stomach, and down his legs. YUCK!!!! And, of course, today was Jason's first day back to work until the end of the school year so it was just me and Eli! I had to strip him down in the tub, getting poo all over me in the process, and spray him down in the shower. GROSS!!! Poor baby! I think he was saving that one up for a couple of days and just waiting to fully initiate his momma! It didn't take long for Dr. Mom to diagnose him with Roseola. He had all of the symptoms at this point. I still called the doctor and she confirmed it was just a virus so we have to ride it out. Thank goodness no more major blowouts, just little ones! So, Eli and I spent the day lounging on the couch. Little pea should be back to himself by the end of the week. Let's hope!! We at least got some updated measurements at the doctor's appointment! Eli is up to 25.9lbs and is 31 inches. That places him in approximately the 75th percentile for weight and length.

Still no progress with the crib, but we aren't pushing it at this point. Eli has never slept alone, other than our time in Antigua (and only part of the night), so it is a huge change for him to be expected to sleep in a big crib, in a room by himself, in a completely new home. He loves to snuggle when he is sleeping and he will reach out in the middle of the night to make sure we are still there. So, it will take time. We moved the pack-n-play in our room and decided to start with that. So far, hit or miss. The longest he has slept in it before waking up crying is 3 hours. It takes time and patience, lots of patience!

Eli's fussy face. We have been seeing a lot of this face lately!


  1. Oh - poor baby!! Sick and teething and all that - he deserves a good, cute ole' fuzzy face pic! I didn't know hubby had to go back to work...hope summer starts soon.

    Two weeks! It seems like he's been home forever! Crazy!

    Eli (once again) sounds just like A and L with the sleeping and the reaching out. They had never slept alone either and I just couldn't bear adding that stress to their adjustment. Sounds like you're doing a great job, super mom already.

    I wish I could tell you it won't be so exhausting later when you get into a solid, normal routine and fully adjust, but I'ld be lying and cracking myself up!! There is no "normal" anymore and as you've already found out, every day brings something new, a new sickness, a new skill, a new step in growing's all just so exhaustingly wonderful!

    Happy 2 week anniversary!

  2. I hope Eli feels better soon! Emmi got sick when she first came home too. It is no fun! It is exhausting at first isn't it? I think the transition from no baby to one that is totally mobile is hard! He is such a sweet little boy.

  3. Oh poor little man. Yuck that sounds like a major diaper blow out. Hope he feels better soon.

    Anika is sleeping on us for the 2nd half of every night lately too. She was in her crib all night for a while and ok with it but then she got sick and think got used to more cuddle time.

  4. I have heard Roseola is miserable. That is the ONE thing Reese has skipped.

    Eli, way to break Mom in. Blowouts are the worst. Reese is famous for them in restaurants that don't have changing stations. So special.

    Glad things are starting to settle down. GOod idea with the pack n play.

    Hope Eli feels better soon.

  5. Poor, Eli! Hope he is back to his rough and tumble self soon! Abby was/is my bad sleeper and at age 3 we JUST got her out of our bed into a toddler bed that is in my room. I was never a big fan of co-sleeping, but sometimes it just happens;0) I figure she won't want to sleep with us when she's 16 so.... Hee hee!

  6. Oh, I hope Eli is better soon!

  7. OMG!!! Of course I remember you guys!!! I'm so glad you found us!!! I have just read some of your blog and you have no idea how many memories and tears (happy ones) it gave me:) I wonder often if most guatemamas feel so much the same......

    Eli looks like a little perfect man! I'm so excited to be able to keep up with your now very busy life with a 1 year old a me,very busy, I know:) I'll be checking in very often! Can't wait!

    Mark, Angie and Tyler:)

  8. Poor guy! I've had one "strip Aeson down in the bath and hose him off" myself. NOT FUN! I can't believe it has already been two weeks. I remember sitting around the table with you at Easter talking about all of the PGN craziness. What a blessing (but sometimes a curse, too) that time takes care of so many things!

  9. Well you know, you can't be an official member of the mom's club until you have a head to toe poo moment. So congratulations! Welcome! Sure hope the little guy is feeling better soon.
    It sounds like the sleeping issue may take a while to iron out. Maria used to sleep on my pillow wrapped around my head! And no I didn't get much sleep for months. I guess she knew if she had my head, I wasn't going to get away from her. I really believe we just have to do what our little ones need to help them through the transition time. (And sometimes that transition can take a long time!)
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts!
    What a wonderful Momma!