Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Away From Home

Welcome to our home in Antigua! We are staying in a very nice apartment very close to the center of town so we can walk everywhere. It is so great to have everything we need within walking distance. Of course, carrying 25lb Eli is forcing us to get into shape very fast! Antigua is so beautiful and there are so many amazing places to explore. Today we leisurely wandered around our neighborhood. For those who are familiar with Antigua, our apartment is one street over from Cafe Sky on 2nd Avenida South. Our biggest treat today was buying some freshly made tortillas at a little tortilleria around the corner from our apartment. We then had ourselves a little Guatemalan feast with leftover chicken from Pollo Campero and black beans (of course!).

Eli is continuing to do amazingly well with us and we think the attachment has already started, though we realize it is a process and takes time. We believe that all of our visit trips have really made a difference. He is also so tolerable of all our adventures. He rarely fusses and is happy as long as he has some room to roam. For the last day, however, he has been very fussy (which is relatively minor). We figured it was probably due to our hectic schedule this week and all of the change he has endured. Then we discovered that he is cutting FOUR teeth! So, this poor boy is enduring a lot right now!

In other news, Guatemalan adoptions are caught up in yet another political mess. PGN has temporarily suspended the review of adoptions due to a change in command. Of course, this means more delays for families waiting to bring their children home. We are feeling so grateful that we are not caught in this recent mess, but our hearts are breaking for all of the families still waiting.

The main door to our apartment complex. This door leads to the street and is locked. And, that is an advocado tree! Yummy!!

Eli venturing out of our apartment into the courtyard.

The courtyard right outside our apartment.

The two main windows of our apartment.

Eli peeking through the window!
Scary staircase to the bedroom loft. Main living area. There are two daybeds that serve as couches and a dining table.
Main living area


  1. OH - I'm Homesick!! You've reminded me of everything I love about Antigua including the FOOD! You're place is so dang cute! The courtyard, the open windows, sigh.

    25lbs!? That's what A and L weigh now! That's heavy, expecially when you haven't had a chance to work your way up to it.

    So gald things continue to go well. Wishing Eli luck on his teeth cutting and prayers that it's at least painful as possible!

    Looking forward to your continued adventures!

  2. I have been SO curious about your apartment... it looks great! I agree with Donna... seriously homesick. Can you spoil us with some "around antigua" pics?

    Could Eli be cuter? SO glad you are feeling the bond and that he is being so darn adaptable to all going on! Best of luck with 4 teeth.. be patient!

    Thinking of you ALL everyday! Even Keith asked today how long it would take to drive to Ohio!

  3. Eli looks like he is very busy and enjoying life so much!! Your place in Antigua looks so homey! I love, love, love all the little courtyards and yummy food in Antigua! Enjoy each day there!

  4. Love the apartment. It looks so beautiful--especially with Eli in it.

    I am so glad to hear that he is doing well with attachment. I agree your trips have been well worth it.

    Two things: FOUR TEETH??!?!! OUCH!! Motrin and Tylenol!! 25 LBS???!?!! Holy Moly--Reese doesn't weigh that much yet. My back feels your pain.


  5. Whoa, I can't believe how nice your apartment is!! How did you get that place?

    Oh the pollo and black beans!! I miss it!

    I am so glad you didn't get caught in the new PGN mess.

    Praying for Eli's attachment!!

  6. It looks like you guys have a wonderful place to stay there! I love the picture of Eli looking out the window. I see he has found the tv. That is Anika's favorite toy right now too. He is so handsome in his green shirt. I am glad that things are going so well.

    25 lbs I bet you are tired! Anika is about 20 so I can relate. Eli looks like he is walking great. She is doing the one handed walk now. I think it will be soon. I am just so so thrilled and happy for you guys! Enjoy your time there.

  7. What a cute little home away from home! Gotta love having an Avocado tree out in the yard. Eat some Guac & black beans for me!

  8. I'm so happy you have Eli for good! It looks like you're having a great trip. What a great apartment! I would love to know how you found it--we're thinking of going down in a couple of weeks and maybe we could just move in after you leave! If you get a chance, email me at markandsusie96@sbcglobal.net

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


  9. Someone once said I would miss Antigua once I left...and I do! Looks like a great Apt.! Good luck with Embassy Day. Cannot wait to see the pictures!

  10. I love Antigua, enjoy your time there! Eli is just precious. I am sure you are so relieved you are not caught up in this mess. I can't believe I am in it myself, yet here I am. Hopefully it will all be over soon!

  11. That is sooo awesome! I would have LOVED that!