Friday, May 15, 2009

Year in Review

We marked a very important milestone this week. One that is significant for many adoptive families for a variety of reasons. We have been together as a family of three LONGER than pea was with his foster family. Obviously, pea's time with his very loving foster family is an essential part of his story and they will always be considered family. But, that time was only temporary. During that time, they provided so much love and care until he could come home where he belonged where we all belonged, together.

Our first year home was amazing, challenging, and, at times, overwhelming in many ways. I certainly still remember the stress and heartache of waiting for pea to come home, but it also feels like he has always been here. And, the memories of waiting definitely make me appreciate the life we have today. Life is good and I am one lucky momma.

Here are some pics from our first year home as a family. It is amazing how much pea has changed!

May 2008 - A couple days after arriving home.
June 2008 - Look at that little chub! He was definitely a "husky" boy when he came home! ;)

July 2008 - This is a terrible picture, but I love it! Pea hangin' off the monkey bars.

August 2008

September 2008

October 2008

November 2008

December 2008

January 2009 - Fashion icon...he still LOVES to wear his snowboots.

February 2009 - note the boots, again.

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009 - My handsome boy!


  1. Awesome pictures!!! I swear he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. (I know I keep saying that, but it's true!)

  2. Congratulations on this awesome milestone! I loved this mile marker too!!! He is as cute as ever!! What a year!

  3. What a year it's been! He has grown so much, and I'm so happy for your family. All the waiting, challenges, etc. are totally worth it, aren't they?!

  4. WOAH!! I was not ready for the big boy in that last picture! When did that happen?? He has changed so much since February!

    Steph, congrats. The longer with you is almost the biggest milestone, I think. It is a great feeling. Looking back, you can see the sparkle come to his eyes over the months. What a year,huh!!

    Take care!

  5. He IS a handsome boy!! I am so glad he's been with you for so long now!!

  6. It's amazing how much they grow in a year!!! I'm sure it is a good feeling to know he has been with you longer than he was away from you!

  7. I love the year in review! It is hard to believe that he has changed that much in a year. He went from being a cute baby to a adorable little man, but you already know that. LOL!

  8. Great pics! He is such a little man and oh so handsome!! It's a great milestone to hit! Very fun!!

  9. Yeah!! When we adopted Alex we didn´t have the blessing of a community of adoptive parents so I had my milestones in my mind and not a lot of people understood them!. With Alex we had to wait until he was 16 1/2 to say he has been more Rothwell than anything else.