Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wild Child

Pea has a little wild side and he has been particularly wild as of late. We often get comments like, "wow, he is a very busy boy!" Most days it is cute and endearing...other days, well, not so cute and endearing!

For example, we attended a graduation party the other night and pea just ran wild! He and his older cousin were running around all of the tables, playing in the water fountain, and nearly crashing into the very expensive audio/visual equipment. We thought it would be a good idea to take pea outside to run around and burn off some of his energy. Well, he quickly discovered the little pond. It wasn't long before he ran right into the water almost up to his tennis shoes and jeans. That was a little cute and endearing.

Fast forward to today. Jason took pea to the library to browse around. According to Jason..Pea. ran. wild. He was pulling things off the wall, taking books and videos off the shelf, and then managed to crawl under the computer table and turned off the power strip. Yep, turned off all of the computers in the area. And, yes, they were being used. Not so cute and endearing.

Jason lured him out of the library with a firetruck DVD. On the way home, pea opened the DVD case, pulled out the DVD, and started chewing on it. Needless to say, they were unable to watch firetrucks. We now own a chew up firetruck DVD that we cannot watch. Really not so cute and endearing!.

It doesn't help that he has some molars coming in right now and he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!

Just another typical day in the peapod!

Here are some pics from our attempt to let pea burn off some energy at the park last Sunday.


  1. Oh, I am with you. Mayna is the same, but instead of pulling things down, she is runnning around. She has no concern about running to see something 50 yards away. Sometimes I always feel like I have "that kid" that is overly energetic. Then I remember that it is just the way she should be and I would rather that than the other.

    So, what kind of camera did you get? I have the Nikon, but seems like everyone else uses Canon. You had asked me awhile back if I edit my phots. Inormally just crop and sometimes hit that little "enhance" button which sharpens color. I don't have photoshop b.c it is so expensive, but would love it!!!

  2. Boys will be boys, huh?! Wish I had a toddler's energy- Don't you?!

  3. Remember how Reese was when you were visting?? Well, I am right there with you. It was like living a day in my life. I hope you are finding some of this funny (Cuz I did chuckle). No, it isn't cute and endearing at the time, but he is so innocent. I too loose patience and get upset when we can't go anywhere, but then I look at the joy in his face and I can't help but enjoy some of the antics!

    Wish I could say it getst better.......but, once all of Reese's molars were in, he did settle down a little bit!

  4. Oh I can remember that when Alex was two he was the same way! Hang in there it does get better. Three was when he started to calm down and we were able to go places without fear again. Anika is calmer but she eats EVERYTHING also and her specail trick when we go out is to sceam and sream like we are hurting her if she doesn't get what she wants. NOT so cute! :) I was in tear the other day over it as a matter of fact..

  5. Just so you know, you are not alone. Some days are like that with Kate. Thankfully, not very often.