Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally...a decision

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Finally, after much searching and reflection, we have decided on a new domestic adoption agency and are moving forward! Initially, we had decided to stick with our first agency, but we kept putting off the application. I kept telling myself it was just because we were busy focusing on other things, but I did not have that pull, that motivation to get it submitted. Now I know that my heart was sending me a message and holding me back for a reason. Our child is meant to come to us in a different way. We had a notion of what our next adoption would look like, but that is starting to change. As I have said before, adoption is truly a journey of the heart. And, this adoption is already proving that as we are opening our hearts once again. Even though we have moved in a direction we didn't expect, it feels RIGHT. My heart feels at ease and that pull and motivation returned instantly after connecting with our new agency. I just know this is where we are meant to be. It is exciting and scary and full of unknowns, but our hearts are opening wide and we are ready!

The next step in our process is to attend our agency's training in April. At that time we will be matched with our social worker and our homestudy process can begin. I anticipate we probably will not be "active" until mid to late summer. We are excited and we can't wait to see what kind adventure and miracle is waiting for us this time around.


  1. I'm so glad to hear you've found peace -- you sure do know it when you know it. ! This will be (is) an exciting journey for you and I'm excited to follow your family on it. blessings,

  2. You know I will be her stalking, I mean following along!! This time it has to be easier!!!!

  3. SO true!! You have to LISTEN to your gut and your heart....you are being led to YOUR baby!

    I am SO excited and happy for you. I will be right here (with Bobbi) every step of the way....praying, cheering, and celebrating!

    CONGRATULATIONS on completing THIS step! LOVE ya ALL!

  4. Glad to hear an update! We are slow moving too....finally about done with the HS paperwork. Sigh.

  5. How very exciting Steph! With anything you have to listen to your heart, especially when forming your family. May your journey be an excellent one and full of adventure and hope for the future. I look forward to going on the ride with you!

  6. I am so glad that you followed your heart and that now you are on the path to your next little one! That is very exciting! I can't wait to follow this journey! Congrats on taking the plunge!