Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our furry baby

So, do you think Porter missed us while we were in Guatemala???? From the looks of these pics...NO WAY!!

M niece and nephew with Porter

Porter getting a snuggle from K

Porter thinks he is a lap dog

What a cute snuggle bunny! I am sure he will try to snuggle on Little Pea's lap, too!!


  1. I see a jeaulous only child in your future..........

  2. To cute...looks like our lab/rottweiler mix. She thinks she can get on the couch and sit on you and not get in trouble....hard to do with a 70lb dog.

  3. I haven't been on in a while, I'm sorry. But you guys look like such the little family. Eli lokks so comfortable with you both. What an awesome Christmas. I'm sorry I missed the call, my schedule has been nuts as well. I don't believe I have ever wanted anything more for you both, to bring Eli home. I don't even think I personally have want anything as great as Eli to be in your arms. I on;ly wish there was something I could do to make this lull go by without heart ach and less time. It will happen and day will be the greatest day of all our lives!! I love you both!!!


  4. Porter is a gorgeous dog...what beautiful coloring and he looks so sweet and gentle....I miss my furry children ( we have 2!) so much. It'll be fun to watch Porter and Eli together!


  5. Wow-your niece and nephew are soooo cute! Eli will be so lucky to meet his new cousins!! Did, I mention how cute your niece and nephew were?! (signed the cute kids' mom :) )