Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Check this out

There has been sooooo much bad press about Guatemalan adoptions lately and it has all been one-sided. This article is a breath of fresh air from everything else that has been out there. I usually choose not to read many of the articles because it is just too stressful right now. I don't always like Jon Stossel, but I think he did a great job trying to balance out the story in his one. Granted, the situation in Guatemala and adoption in general is much more complicated, but it certainly offers a different perspective than what we generally hear outside of the adoption community.

We do not have an update, yet. Apparently, our attorney submitted his cases to the Central Authority yesterday, but I am not holding my breath until we get confirmation. I know some of our "non-adopting" friends have a lot of questions about all of this. I will try to answer some of them in another post.

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