Monday, February 4, 2008

Standing on the ledge

Oh, just when we didn't think we could handle anymore bad news....we found out today that our attorney DID NOT submit our case to the Central Authority for registration. In fact, he did not submit any of his cases. We were initially informed that we had been submitted last Wednesday. WRONG. We still have not been submitted, and as you know from the previous post, the Central Authority is not accepting cases right now. How did this happen??? Does our attorney not realize this deadline is not optional?? Getting registered means our adoption either continues or it doesn't. Simple as that. Yes, I am very angry tonight.

At the same time, I CAN'T imagine that our attorney would allow all of our cases to simply be annulled. I can't imagine he would let that happen. This is a completely preventable thing. Oh, I can't believe this.

There is a rumor that the Central Authority started accepting cases again today. Hopefully, this is true and our attorney can get us submitted, like, TOMORROW. The initial deadline to register cases was 2/12, but obviously there have been many complications. It is possible that the deadline could be extended, but that would require a vote from congress. This is such a mess...

Ohhh, I think I am on the verge of a panic attack...someone hand me a paperbag.


  1. Please come off of the ledge and KNOW that we are here with you. Praying with you. This must be awful for you.

    Yes, Indiana Pa is about and HOUR from here! That is awseome that he is from there... tell him I have cousins who live there!

  2. Steph- I can post over here- I am so sorry about his lack of motivation and accurate informaiton- he is notorious for it- did to me and others all the time- why the heck our agency continues to beleive a word of his office is beyond me. It unbelieveable that he allowed his cases not be registered. I am praying that CNA is accepting cases again and that your case is soon registered and you have proof.

    Love and hugs to you,


  3. My first thought: You gotta friggin' be kiddin' me?! Steph, I can only imagine your frustration! Stay on top of it....hope tomorrow brings a little light...

  4. I cannot believe I'm reading this... Please know we are praying that this error can get fixed quick. Rememeber there are LOTS of people who want to see all these children home and they are continuing to pressure Guatemala. Let's hope tomorrow confirms the good rumors that CA is accepting registrations again. Thinking only good thoughts for your case right now and praying really hard too...

  5. OMG....I can't believe it...I hope FTIA follows up on this and that you are submitted tomorrow.

    I'm passing the paper bag and I am truly hoping that you get a break in this and that the light starts to shine through. Thinking of you and hope this is resolved ASAP...

  6. OMG ridiculous. Praying that he gets his rump in gear. Huge hugs being sent your way.

  7. Aaaagghhh!! Can I feel anymore helpless???!!! Can I feel any worse to see you go through this???? Can my heart break anymore that these idiots are keeping your heart in Guatemala??? I wish I had more words of strength and hope and all those good feelings-but right now I am ANGRY and FRUSTRATED that this is happening the way that it is and knowing that what I feel is NOTHING compared to what you are feeling or going through and that thought is about more than I can take. I love you and my heart breaks for you....tomorrow I will have more strength-but right now, I just need to cry for you...

  8. Well, this is awful. Given the larger political struggle that's going on down there right now (between the Central Authority and Guatemala government), it seems like all you guys can do is wait. That particular struggle can't just stay in limbo forever. And it's unlikely that they would just allow however many in-process adoptions to fall by the wayside.

    At the same time - do you have the option of changing attorneys? Would it really set anything back at this point? What role does your agency play in overseeing his work?

    And at what point do you start contact your congressman? From one article I read, the US government was a primary force pushing for the new adoption laws there, so shouldn't they help to ensure that US citizens aren't getting screwed through the very process that they helped establish?

  9. Oh Steph, I just don't even have the words! I am SO upset with your lawyer!! What the heck! We are dealing with babies and families here! Get your priorities straight!

    I am going to spend my day praying that you and all the other cases get registered with the CNA. I will be stalking your blog for good news! I know we will get it this week!

    Lifting you up to the Lord today for peace and REGISTRATION!!

  10. Deep breaths sweetie...I think a lot of lawyers were waiting on the results of the appeals that were out there...maybe he was one of those lawyers?!?...but now that the appointees of the CA seem to be a lock it sounds like the registrations will be accepted again and I'm SURE he will get it done this week. And I'll be down there on the 14th if you need me to kick some lawyer a$$!!!

    Jen :]

  11. Steph - I can't believe it! It's just horrible. I'm SO sorry, honey. I will mail you the paperbag I used to use! ((hugs))