Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fav Foto Friday

Just look at that sweet face!!!!
Ahhhh...what a great week. Life has such a new rhythm now and it feels like we are all starting to settle into our own beat. Last week was rough! On top of being sick, I felt like all of the emotions of the past year and half were released and I became this emotional crazy woman. Once we received PGN approval in April, life suddenly shifted into high gear and I feel like I never had the opportunity to fully process everything we had been going through. We waited and waited and waited for that "OUT" call and then...BOOM!!! It was a wonderful, amazing, crazy whirlwind. It is so true that life can change in an instant! In the meantime, all of those emotions of the past year and a half just simmered until last week and then there was another BOOM!!! It was the good, the bad, and the ugly all at the same time. Life has changed significantly in the most incredible way and I just needed to let it all out. Oh, and I did and, wow, did that feel good!! I feel refreshed, reenergized, and completely in love and in awe with this new rhythm of life called parenthood and family.

So what has been going on?
  • Well, I think this is the first week since we have been home that we have all been healthy! Knock on wood.
  • I swear Eli has developed Inspector Gadget arms. We now must have at least a 12" clearance on all tables, countertops, etc or else it will be in someone's little hands!
  • Eli talks almost nonstop. It is so cute and funny! Now, I know many of our friends/family are starting not to believe us because he gets very quiet around new people. But, it's true!! He just babbles constantly. He even has the cutest little whisper. He is experimenting with all kinds of vocal sounds! He says "mama" and is starting to say "papa" and "da."
  • His comprehension has also increased significantly over the past couple of weeks, but we still try to use some Spanish words. But, he no longer looks at us like we are talking jibberish to him!!
  • No one can make him laugh like his papa and he gets so excited when Jason comes home. It just makes my heart swell.
  • And, we are most excited to report that Little Pea has been sleeping in his crib for 2 days(naps and bedtime). Yes, I know, that is not very long, but it is HUGE progress for us!! So we are still happy!


  1. I am so glad everything is going well. I'm sure the emotions caught up with you. You have been running nonstop since your OUT call. It is so great to see photos of him at home with his family. I loe all the pics you post. Keep posting.

  2. I love the picture. I am so glad things are getting into a routine for you guys.

  3. Glad to hear that you are getting into a routine - that seems to be the most important part of feeling settled. Hope the sleep continues to go well - nothing like feeling rested to handle all the rest of parenthood. Thanks for the honesty - somedays we run so quickly we don't take time to reflect on how much all of our lives have changed. I'm here for you if you need it!!!

  4. Love the picture!! So glad all is going well. I think that the emotions had to come out. You can only stuff things for so long.

    We are off to Lucy's party tomorrow. We will think of you and wish you could be there too.

  5. What a great picture. So glad you all are healthy and happy and enjoying life as a family of 3! You deserve it.