Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sleep is sweeeeeet

Awwww...snugglin' with Tigger. We are having a MUCH better week! Eli is getting back onto a regular nap/bedtime schedule and he is sleeping wonderfully. The stroller naps have almost been completely phased out and, as a result, he is taking much better naps. Of course, he is still sleeping with us and needs lots of snuggles when falling asleep, but we are slowly helping him snuggle with Tigger so the two of them can snuggle in the pack-n-play! Tigger was a birthday gift from Eli's foster family. Eli may be sleeping better, but he tends to take over the entire bed so we are not necessarily sleeping better. For some reason, he loves to sleep horizontally in the bed so one of us gets kicked all night and the other headbutted! But, at least Eli is waking up smiling and laughing. And that makes these sleep deprived parents very happy!


  1. That's how AJ sleeps too! Dan usually ends up getting kicked in the face and I have to sleep hugging a pillow so he doesn't ram his head into my stomach. But at least he's sleeping!

  2. Great idea with Tigger. We gave Reese a blanket, and that helped him as well. I love the picture.

    Good luck with that kid sleeping with you thing. Krista has taken to joining us lately, then sometimes Cassie too. Thank GOD Reese likes to sleep in his crib---for now!!

    Glad your week is better.

  3. He is so cute with Tigger! Glad to hear he is sleeping better!

  4. So glad he's taking to Tiger! We put a twin mattress on the floor next to our bed to catch the "spill over!" he heh he!

    So glad things are at least moving in the right direction - yippee!

    And yes, you should be scared, very scared. Eli seems to be right on the heels of Austin and Logan - so lock up your butcher knives!

  5. I am so glad he is getting some sleep! At least someone is, right!! Gosh, even when they aren't sleeping in your bed, a good night of rest is hard to come by!! The screaming, teething, need to go potty, bad dreams, or a diaper change are just a few of the things that keep us up at night!! It is all worth it, though! I know you feel the same!!

    I am so glad that Eli is home with you!! It still makes me smile to think about!!