Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look Who's Two!!

Little Pea turned TWO on Saturday and celebrated his first birthday at home! We had such a great day and it was so special to be sharing this day together as a family. We celebrated with a special breakfast, a visit to the park, and then a family party in the evening. I think pea had a lot of fun!

I tried my hand at a 3D firetruck cake. It was really cute until gravity started taking affect! I just didn't set it right, but it lasted just long enough for us to sing "Happy Birthday!" Pea loved it and that's all that matters! He woke up this morning saying "Firetruck cake gone?"

Cake and "cream."
Our little birthday clown!
Piñata time! Have you noticed a theme, yet? Seriously, I never thought I would be one of those moms that did themes, just happens! Pea loved the firetruck piñata. Waiting to do some smashin' with his cousins.

Ready to go.
SMASH!! He did such a great job smashing the piñata. Should I be worried? :)
His new "big" firetruck.
Pea and his cousin playing with his new Little People garage.
Finally, his "cachow" face. Pea just recently discovered the movie Cars.
Happy Birthday, baby! We love you so much!!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!! I am really impressed with the cake!! Very cool!!

  2. Happy Birthday Eli!!! I love the cake, I wish you were closer, I'd pay you to do one for Jack's B-day, although it's his MaMa who is in to fire trucks (and men!) Looks like he had a blast!

    Becky and Jack

  3. What an awesome cake... I can't believe he is two already... Happy Birthday Eli from Jazlynn

  4. Happy Birthday Eli!

    I think your cake looks fantastic and your theme is cute! Hey, I'm all about the themes!

  5. Another CACHOW boy!! Look out, Mom. Reese is all about CARS, and we are frantically collecting each one as he becomes obsessed. We have quite the collection.

    Where has this year gone? Two already.....I so remember last year. You rocked on the cake, and yes, as parents we eat many words. I swore I wouldn't do themed bedrooms, and the girls have each had one or two...and Reese is heading there.

    Glad you enjoyed this day together...and so many more to come. Happy Birhday, Eli!!!

  6. Happy (only slightly) belated b-day, Eli! Ka-CHOW! from Joel, Sally, Henry and Sam.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Pea!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Eli! Very cute cake! I have been trying to think of a cake for Kate in a few weeks. So far the top runner is Elmo!

  9. Happy Birthday Eli!

    Great job on the cake ;)

  10. Happy Birthday, Eli! You are such a big boy! Sorry I didn't get to hang with you this year! I am so happy that you guys are together FOREVER!!!

  11. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great party. And kudos on the cake, I couldn't of done it.

  12. Happy late Birthday, Eli! Looks like you had a fabulous day! Good job on the cake, Mom!

  13. I cannot seriously believe that Little Pea is two!! Happy Birthday Eli! It makes me so happy that he is home this year to celebrate with his family! You did an amazing job on his cake! WOW!! How are you going to top that next year?!! I love the fire truck theme! My little fireman, Grady, would have loved that party!