Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of those evenings

Tonight was one of those evenings that started off feeling a bit hectic, but ended perfectly! Hubby had some school work to do so pea and I spent the evening hangin' out together without a care in the world. Aren't those the best?

We started off playing outside. I noticed that our first daffodils bloomed! Spring is near! Of course, it's April and snow is in the forecast for Monday. BOOOOO
Trompin' around the yard acting like a goofball.
Back inside to play trains. He is really starting to get the whole train track thing and putting them together.

Next stop, doodling. Look at my little leftie! He even has his hand curled over! Pea now makes doodling requests of mommy (yes, he is starting to call me mommy instead of mama) and daddy. The most popular requests include a fish, house, and bus. Lucky for me, he thinks my doodles are fabulous!
Lastly, a banana snack before bedtime. Yum!
These are the days and they are going way too fast!


  1. Yes, they are the days that are going too fast. Daffodils?? We don't even have green grass yet! And, definitely need jackets still.

    Looks like he is having some fun w/trains, and is quite the artist.

    Enjoy more of those days!!

  2. he is so handsome! I love his shirt, in fact, Jack has the same exact one and he was wearing it today! Enjoy your spring weather!

    Becky and Jack

  3. Super fabulous night you had!!! Eli is such a handsome big boy!

  4. We have some flowers coming up too and I am so afraid the upcoming snow will kill them all!!

    Cute pix! Glad you had a nice evening!!

  5. So glad you are recording the ordinary. Aren't those moments the best sometimes. I have a lefty too!

  6. Those daffodils are beautiful! They are my favorite flower and they just don't grow here. I'm jealous! Sounds like it was a fun relaxing day! I love carefree days like those.

  7. Sounds like a great night! At least your grass is green. Things are still brown in MN. YUCK!

  8. ELi is such a sweet boy. Be thankful everyday for those special days.