Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Saturday

Today was such a BEAUTIFUL day!! Mid-70's, blue sky, and nothing on the schedule. What a perfect combo. Even so, we were full of energy and managed to pack our day pretty full.

We started off at our local YMCA. They were having an open house which included FIRETRUCKS! You know we had to check that out. (Never mind we see the firetruck everyday beside our house! hehe!) Pea LOVED it. He literally ran circles around the firetruck. It was great.
Riding shotgun in the firetruck.
Next stop...the ambulance. Then we headed indoors for a little 1:1 basketball.
After lunch, pea decided we needed to go visit the neighbor...AKA the firetruck. We typically walk to the station and he has to look in the window to see the firetruck. Today we were invited inside for our own personal tour. Of course, I did not have my camera! But, he was so excited! He got the firetrucks all to himself. He even helped the firefighter clean the fire truck. Too cute. We are now on a first name basis with our neighbor firefighters!

We also decided to clean out the garage this afternoon and pea found my very old bike helmet. He wore the helmet for a couple hours. And, yes, he was wearing the helmet when we visited the fire station!

Time for a juice box break.

"Driving" daddy's tractor.

And...back to "cleaning" the garage. He enjoyed sweeping the dirt back IN the garage.


  1. Why does he look like such a big boy?? I love the helmet!! Reese wears his sometimes for hours too. We call him special!!

    Sounds like your fire station guys are very kind and friendly. Eli must have been in heaven!!

  2. How cool you live next to a fire station! Not to mention you must feel really safe in case of a fire. :) I can't get over how cute Eli's firetruck obsession is!

  3. Love the firetruck pix!! Looks like he had a blast!!!

  4. Well, I guess your scrapbook pages are going to start looking a lot like mine...firetruck, ambulance, firetruck, police car, firetruck...etc. Looks like you had a great day!!

  5. Wow, what a big boy! I swear he gets bigger and bigger everytime I see a new picture! How cute with him in the firetruck!