Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is this thing, mommy?

The mop made a rare appearance today and it didn't take pea long to figure out what to with it. He immediately picked it up, said "clean," and off he went. I think he has heard me complaining about our nasty, ugly kitchen floor and thought cleaning it would be the solution! (at least the really ugly wallpaper is now gone!)

Doesn't everyone wear snowboots to mop?

And, despite our ugly kitchen floor, we have a potential buyer for our house. It's not even on the market, yet! We're just working on an offer. Fingers crossed.


  1. I just packed away my snow boots!! Oh well, I guess I won't be mopping for another year! hehehe!

    What a little helper! We'll be praying and hoping for success on the home selling!

  2. My fingers are crossed!!! Good luck!

  3. My fingers are crossed for you!! I have one of those swiffer flicker things for the carpet, Jack LOVES to push it around, I should put the tape thing in it so he can actually clean.

    Becky and Jack

  4. Very cute! Good luck on the house!

  5. Crack me up! Congratulations on the house news! Hope everything goes well!

    Did you tell us where you're moving? Are you staying in the same area?

  6. Look at him GO! YAY! Now, if you can only get him to do that when he is 15! Cute, as always!

  7. How sweet of Pea to mop for you!!! Jadon just "helped" me with laundry. Aren't they cute?

    Congratulations on the potential buyer for your house!!!! I hope it works out! How amazing would that be? Where are you moving to?