Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The mind of a preschooler is, like my mom says, magical! Like all kids, pea has quite an imagination and it definitely makes life very interesting! The pure, uninhibited imagination of a peschooler is such a reminder of how much we lose as we grow older. Witnessing pea's imagination come to life everyday is so much fun...most of the time.
Pea's newest thing is his imaginary friend, his brother. He has actually been talking about his brother for awhile, but it has become NONSTOP over the last 3 weeks or so and his stories are getting more and more elaborate. He often talks about going to his brother's birthday party and driving by his brother's house. His brother does not live with us, but rather seems to move around a lot. Sometimes he lives under a bridge, sometimes down the street from us, sometimes by the fire station, etc, etc. He talks about what his brother wants for his birthday, what kind of cake he is having, his brother's favorite toys, TV shows, and more. He weaves quite a tale!
The other day, however, he was deadset on going to his brother's house when Jason picked him up from school. Jason played along for a little while by asking our typical questions about where his brother lives, what he's doing, etc, and that usually diverts the conversation enough to get home. This time, however, pea was unrelenting and kept begging to go to his brother's house. Fast forward a little to big ol' screaming fit with threats that he was going to kick us out of the house, kick "all of the people" out of the house, his brother was going to be mad at get the picture. Last night, he again started begging to go to his brother's house when we were out and about. He was actually giving us specific directions like, turn left here, go straight, turn right there. Of course, it was always the opposite direction of where we were going. Luckily, we dodged another tantrum when a police car drove by, completely captivating pea's attention.
Nothin' like a police care, ambulance, or fire truck to save the day...this time.
In spite of a few fits over not being able to go to his brother's house, I love listening to pea's stories. Sometimes he makes suff up just to be funny because he is a self-described "funnyman." And, most of the time, he is still able to let his imagination run wild. It truly is magical.

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  1. It is magical to enter into a child's world.

    Does his brother have a name?