Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Day!

Christmas was super fun this year! Pea was so excited during the whole holiday season and we kept ourselves busy with lots of activities: lights at the zoo, Christmas crafts, baking cookies, watching lots of Christmas shows, and spending time with friends and family. It always seems to be crazy busy and goes by so fast, but we had fun.

Pea was also super spoiled this year. Yes, I admit. He was spoiled rotten. Santa must have thought he had been extra good this year. ;)

The calm before the storm

His very own "READY!!!" AKA...tape measure. For some reason unknown to us, pea named the tape measure "ready" and is obsessed with it!

The one gift pea REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted. Santa came through!

And...mass chaos. Pea also added to his Geotrax collection and it has officially taken over our house. Isn't this ridiculous?!?! But, it has already provided hours and hours of fun!

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  1. Reese isn't into the GeoTrax.......thinking I might like it:)

    Glad you had a great Holiday season!! He is getting so big