Friday, January 14, 2011

FFF - Hibernation

This weeks FFF theme is hibernation. Aside from the recent winter storms, we have an even better reason to hibernate...bonding with little carrot!

Jason and I have been off together this week and I have the next 12 weeks off work to do a lot of hibernating...and snuggling...cuddling...cooing...

Carrot has been sleeping A almost 24/7. But, each day he keeps those little peepers open longer and longer and it is so fun to watch his eyes literally open wider and wider each day.
 Snug as a bug
 My favorite boys. My heart just swoons looking at this picture. I think I am the luckiest gal around.:)
 Me and my boys. I just LOVE saying that!

Life is so good right now! We are madly, madly in love with the new little man in our lives. Pea is handling this huge change very well, though he is definitely still trying to figure this all out. For the first couple of days, he primarily ignored carrot and went about his business playing as usually. Though, he always let us know if carrot was crying. He gets very concerned when carrot cries. He also told me that it made him a little "nervous" to get too close to carrot since carrot is so small. There were also a couple times when we were all leaving the house and pea said "is he coming with us?" But, pea has started to come around more the last couple of days and has initiated wanting to feed carrot and he has been talking to him more. It takes time, but he's getting there.

Overall, we are doing great! I feel so blessed.

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  1. It is Friday and I'm getting in my car and driving to your house for my first 2am rotation! Of course,that means Hellion One and Hellion Two will be accompanying me, but you're totally cool with two more boys, right? ;-)

    How cute is pea? LOVE his reactions to carrot. Precious. 12 weeks is great. I know Jason will be missing things when he has to return to work. ;-(

    Thank you SO much for coming out of hibernation long enough to share carrot and the rest of your family with us! muah!

  2. Hey! I think this is the first time I have been to your blog, but we are friends on FB, right? LOVE, LOVE the picture of you w/ your little guys!!

  3. Awesome Steph - great photos, and glad to hear everything's going well!

  4. Yea! Momma of 2 boys! I'm so excited that you have your little one!

    That adjustment period is interesting to watch - I am so glad to hear that Pea is starting to enjoy and think about his little brother.

    Happy 2!

  5. There is nothing in the whole world better than being the Mommy of 2 boys!

  6. Those snuggles are great!! So glad they Pea is adjusting well......until little carrot starts getting into his toys:) I love the pics of you with your boys.....makes me smile seeing those big grins.

    Glad you are all settling in well, and getting a little rest. Enjoy your time off:)

  7. OMG! I am so happy for you! What a handsome boy... I love the family photo. Have fun with your boys :)

  8. I love seeing the pics of you 3. You are so full of happiness and joy. Enjoy your time off, it goes by super fast.

  9. Congrats on your newest little man! What a special family you have!!

  10. AHHH STEPH!! I just caught up!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been out of the blog world for a while and I am so excited for you!!! Carrot is PRECIOUS!! SO happy for you!!! Love the name Zander too! That was one of our top 5 names for Gabriel.


  11. When you get a second... (ha, yeah right) look me up on facebook if you are on there. There are a million people with your name so I can't find you. My last name is Gunkel. There is only one of me :) I think.