Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Madly in love

Little carrot is three weeks old today and did not waste any time completely stealing our hearts! It is so amazing how perfectly we have all been settling into our new family of four. Most importantly, pea has been handling this HUGE change remarkably well. It probably helps that carrot is not trying to take his toys, yet!

So far, carrot is a very calm baby though I keep waiting for that to change...he rarely fusses or screams, only when he is ready to eat or when his pacifier falls out of his mouth (grrr!). Of course, the biggest question EVERYONE asks is if we are getting any sleep! Honestly, I can't really complain. He wakes up about every 3 hours and goes right back to sleep after his bottle. We have only had one really bad night in which he was up every hour so we count ourselves lucky. But, I realize it can all change very quickly! 

We are doing great. Honestly! Surprisingly great. I really expected to have some rough transition issues, but that hasn't happened...yet. :) So, we are enjoying every bit of this new little love in our life and I am especially enjoying this time off of work. Initially, I had this crazy idea that I was going to get all kinds of things done around the house, little projects, organizing, etc, etc. Silly me. What was I thinking? So, instead, I decided to only send pea to school 2 days/week and spend the other 3 days with both my boys...doing whatever we please.


  1. Little Carrot has stolen my heart too!! :) He is gorgeous. Glad you are all settling in well, and enjoying your time. Including Eli so much is helping with his transition, I am sure!!

    The cleaning and organizing will be there when they are grown, right??? Then, there will be grandchildren!!

  2. He is simply stunning! Can't believe how alert and bright eyed he is at 3 weeks. Enjoy all of those newborn snuggles while they last :-)

  3. New baby pictures make me cry. There's just no way around it anymore ;)