Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life is Rough

Snoozin' on the couch. He looks big in the pictures, but he is itty bitty.


OH! He is awake!!! Carrot is more and more awake now and actually enjoyed playing with some toys.

And...back to snoozin'. Playing is hard work!


  1. He IS a teeny, tiny little carrot! He is just adorable! I can only imagine the bliss going on over here in your house! And mayhaps, with all the sleepin' he's doing, you are not so sleep deprived? Is Pea going to school while you two are at home?

    Hugs and kisses to all!

  2. He is so cute!! And, by the looks of those cheeks in between all that snoozing he is doing some eating!!!! He is itty bitty. Love that Eli is so proud!! You, of course are still beaming........and you better be a little sleep deprived!!!!:)
    Loving the pictures!!

  3. Life is good for you!!!!!
    Love it!!!

  4. Your boys are both beautiful and precious! Sleeping babies are adorable!

  5. OMG - so adorable ;) *sniffs* Nice to have a good little sleeper around ;)